Trust comes First.We work hard to build and maintain a network of trusted companies in Mexico and then do everything in our power to make sure they deliver a great solution, thus completing the circle of trust.
circle of trust



US Consultant
My goal with NearShore Mexico is to cultivate long-term relationships by helping companies to develop strong US/Mexico cross-border capabilities.
  • Founder/CEO/Director – Successful start-up (Retail Inkjet Solutions); $10M+ invested.
  • Inventor on 10 US patents.
  • 15 years developing and outsourcing projects for HP (Asia, Europe, Mexico).
  • MBA from UCLA; BS Electrical Engineer from UC San Diego.
  • Fluent in Spanish.



Mexico Consultant
“Looking to develop lasting relationships providing professional solutions, creating greater economic activity in the region benefiting everybody.”
  • MS in EE with 25 years experience in R&D, Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply chain & Service and Support in HP
  • Lived in the US, currently in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Consultant/Boards of Directors (8+ years)



are your trusted partner

Other NEARSHORE Partners



Legal Advisor
  • Hastings College of Law, Juris Doctorate, Honors Graduate
  • Senior Partner at International Practice Group PC
  • Leading a team of 8 attorneys working across the US and Mexico, with more than 30 years of experience